Oliver Vigni

Editor-in-Chief / Writer

Oliver Vigni is a writer and the Editor-in-Chief of The Cinemania. Oli is a half-Italian and half-English guy, who’s also part of the LGBTQ+ community and currently doing his A-Levels. His favourite movie is Jurassic Park and he’s watched it about 27,000 times. Marvel and Star Wars are his jam, but he also loves smaller movies that help deepen his love for cinema. Oliver also reads too many comics. Follow him @starforcebinary on Twitter.


Ollie Cochran

Managing Editor / Writer

Ollie Cochran is a writer and the Managing Editor of The Cinemania. Ollie loves films and is always looking to expand his watchlist with films from various cultures. His favourite film is Frank Darabont's The Shawshank Redemption; he regularly encourages everyone he meets to watch this masterpiece. Ollie is a sucker for distinct visual and narrative storytelling and he takes inspiration from many of cinema's auters. Breaking Bad is one of his favourite TV shows and when he is older he would love to be like Vince Gilligan; that is, creating one of the most complex characters to ever grace television. Follow him @ollie_cochran on Instagram.


Maddy Bennett


Maddy Bennett is a writer for The Cinemania. She enjoys watching and analysing films as well as filming and editing short films and stop motion with her friends. Maddy has a background in photography and has helped on sets for adverts with the company CAMERA. She loves an array of genres, from sci-fi horror to witty comedies. Her favourite films include Donne Darko, Dead Poets Society and Baby Driver, as well as the works of Wes Anderson. Maddy is heavily inspired by Anderson’s work and admires the use of colour, symmetry and comedy. She would love to make more films in the future and in the mean time will dig deep into the world of cinema.


Josh Bernald Ross


Josh Bernald Ross is a regular article contributor to the Cinemania. Josh loves films (obviously), and, although he hasn't seen as many as he would like yet, the length of his watchlist somewhat makes up for it. His favourite film changes depending on his mood, but often comes back to Gus Van Sant's Good Will Hunting, among a few other regulars. Josh's opinions on films are, in his own words, 'mostly derivative', yet he is keen to insist his articles 'are still meaningful' and 'not just regurgitated second-hand buzzwords'.

Josh, like Ollie, also likes Breaking Bad a lot. He also wants to be like Vince Gilligan, but mostly because he respects the bravery of a man willing to keep that goatee-moustache combination. Keep doing your thing Vince.


Katherine Easter


Katherine Easter is a writer for the Cinemania. She thinks dragons are cool; if you don't like Game of Thrones don't @ her (except Season 8). Spiderman is her favourite superhero and she loves Robert Downey Jr. Her motto is: pizza is life and sarcasm makes everything better.