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Updated: May 16, 2020

May the Fourth be with you...

Today is, of course, Star Wars day, so we at The Cinemania thought it would be a good idea to post a collective group ranking of all 12 feature films. That includes: the 3 trilogies, Rogue One, Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Clone Wars movie.

We all have our individual rankings, which often disagree with one another (often amusingly), and this will be discussed under each of the respective Group Rankings.

#12 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Ollie's rank: 12

The greatness of the TV show diminishes the film's quality even further. And it wasn't anywhere near good to begin with.

Josh's rank: 12

I mean... it's not really a movie. Feels a bit unfair to rank it, seeing as it's basically a set of episodes, but it's pretty awful. Sorry.

Oli's rank: 12

The show is so good but the movie is trash. Flaming-bags-of-trash bad. It introduces Ahsoka, and that's literally the only good thing it does.

Maddy's rank: 12

It sucked. But at least we got 7 seasons of great TV out of it.

Kat's rank: 12

For good reason. I prefer not to talk about it.

#11 - Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace

Ollie's rank: 11

Weirdly placed narrative focus, weak acting and cringe-worthy dialogue make up most of the faults with this film. The effects don't hold up to this day, but Obi Wan and Qui Gon vs Maul is undeniably awesome. 'Duel of the Fates' is some of John William's best ever work, though.

Josh's rank: 11

It's just so disappointing. This movie has so much potential: good locations, great themes and a good (for the most part) cast. But the movie you have makes no sense, has horrendous writing and just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Oli's rank: 11

The meh-ist of meh. It has great ideas, but my God, is it boring. Thank goodness no one put this too high up there. 

Maddy's rank: 11

Poor dialogue with a questionable story. Qui Gon and Darth Maul are cool characters and definitely underused in the main franchise as a whole. That's the only selling point.

Kat's rank: 10

JarJar Binks is just a no. Universal hatred from the fandom probably makes me hate this more.

#10 - Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones

Ollie's rank: 10

Some cool centre-pieces (at least when I was younger) but when amalgamated with repetitive drabness and mediocre writing, not too many positives to take away from it.

Josh's rank: 10

Just cause it's better than TPM, don't be fooled: it still stinks. The most convoluted plot imaginable, coupled with the proof that Lucas cannot write dialogue, makes this further evidence for the prequels being awful. 

Oli's rank: 10

There are some really good moments and Obi-Wan is a king, and there’s decent action, but there’s so much crap in this that it breaks the toilet bowl.

Maddy's rank: 10

Narratively, very messy. Suffers due to poor delivery of terribly written dialogue. Lightsaber battles are cool, even if the overuse of CGI detracts from the atmosphere.

Kat's rank: 11

The main plot points concern the relationship between Anakin and Padmé. But, it's an awful love story... see the problem?

#9 - Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith

Ollie's rank: 5

Annoyed this turned out so low overall. Some of the most brutal but heartbreaking scenes in the whole franchise. Anakin's arc is aptly handled and the acting is significantly better than the previous instalments.

Josh's rank: 9

Recently, it's become popular to claim that the Prequels weren't that bad, and that this film in particular was pretty good. I'm convinced this is entirely down to nostalgia. Everything about this movie screams sub-mediocre filmmaking.

Oli's rank: 9

This movie is fantastic but still low compared to the others (shows how amazing later instalments are). It’s an amazing step up from the other 2 prequels, and helped show the potential of the prequels before Clone Wars proved it.

Maddy's rank: 8

Anakin turns to the dark side – fine. It feels hard to accept because there was a weak lead up to it. Battle of the Heroes is awesome though.

Kat's rank: 6

Obi Wan kicks ass in this movie and... it's just brilliant; his character is great and delivers some fantastic one liners. Not super special, but still a good movie.

#8 - Star Wars: Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker

Ollie's rank: 9

Abrams destroyed everything Johnson worked so tirelessly to establish with TLJ, employed plot convenience (with as much regularity as one blinks) and subverted expectations for the sake of subverting expectations. Still, it looked stunning.

Josh's rank: 8

It's a bit like a liqour chocolate in an assortment you get for Christmas. On the surface, it's glossy and perhaps even enjoyable. But as soon as you bite any deeper, it's uninspiring, unnecessary and unwelcome. Attempted to appeal TLJ hate brigade, but ended up pleasing precisely nobody. 

Oli's rank: 6

It’s flawed and suffers from lost potential, but the good outweighs the bad; there’s so many badass and emotional moments that they make this movie good. 

Maddy's rank: 9

Just felt out of place with the rest of the saga. Some bits were cool, but the negatives clearly outweighed the positives (in opposition to Oli's claim).

Kat's rank: 1

I loved the special effects and the storyline. And that's all the justification I am going to give. I don't care how controversial this choice may be.

Note from the editors: the view of Kat does not represent the rest of the team. At all. Not in the slightest.

#7 - Solo: A Star Wars Story

Ollie's rank: 8

Fun and uplifting. Yet, a forgettable plot and, overall, a lack of necessity make it a weaker entry into the franchise. By no means a bad film, but lacking some elements to compare it to Star Wars' best.

Oli's rank: 3

An absolute miracle that this movie is as good as it is. I have such a blast watching this, it’s the most fun Star Wars movie, with a classic feel to it, and deserves more love. 

Josh's rank: 6

Everything before this isn't good, everything after this is good, but this... this is just kind of meh. Decent, middle-of-the-road action-adventure in space with some pretty good sequences. Does kind of feel unnecessary and like a bit of a Disney cash-grab.

Maddy's rank: 7

Great action sequences but not really much point to the whole film. Decent performances as well, for the most part.

Kat's rank: 9

Replacing Harrison Ford is a near-impossible job. Alden Ehrenreich was good, but no where near the heights of the OG Han Solo.

#6 - Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens

Ollie's rank: 6

Feels like a slight replica of the original 1977 film; but, it's a highly commendable effort from JJ Abrams who revitalised the excitement for Star Wars and introduced a new generation to the wonderful saga, after the underwhelming prequels.

Josh's rank: 4

Feels fresh, exciting and is actually one of JJ Abrams' best films. Brought the magic of (some of) the orginal trilogy to a whole new audience. 

Oli's rank: 7

Yeah, it might take inspiration from A New Hope, but it introduces enough exciting elements to build on that movie and create a tale for a new generation.

Maddy's rank: 6

We meet Rey who’s interesting and seemingly complex arc provides a narrative focus to the story. Some new characters suffer a lack of development, however.

Kat's rank: 8

Introduces Rey, a very good character, with an excellent performance. Story is a little repetitive and Han Solo dies so it's very sad.

#5 - Star Wars: Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi

Ollie's rank: 7

Some fantastic moments and a great ending but suffers from poor pacing. Certain scenes are dragged out too much, notably the Endor arc which is far too long and boring. Darth Vader concluding his arc and killing The Emperor is awesome, albeit TROS came along and changed that - still mad.

Josh's rank: 7

Easily the weakest part of the original trilogy. Felt decidedly unoriginal and bland compared to what came before, and, although it has some of the best scenes in the franchise between Luke and Vader, ultimately isn't nearly as good as people give it credit for.

Oli's rank: 2

This used to be my favourite Star Wars movie as a child, and still today it ranks high. To me, it embodies the themes of the franchise better than any of the others, and has some of the most iconic moments in cinematic history.

Maddy's rank: 4

Ewoks were cool for a while but kind of killed it. Still, the battle was incredibly intense and beautifully shot.

Kat's rank: 6

The weakest in the original trilogy. Nonetheless, a decent film with great visuals and good performances.

#4 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Ollie's rank: 4

Perhaps not necessary, albeit a great addition to the franchise. An easy watch with many memorable characters and scenes. Fantastic visuals and an imaginative take on the space between Episodes 3 and 4, adding clarity to the story and more Star Wars excellence.

Josh's rank: 3

Star Wars' attempt at an out-and-out war film is dynamic, epic and cleverly self-aware. Yes, the characters aren't utilised properly, but this is still the best Disney Star Wars film.

Oli's rank: 5

All things considered, this might be one of the best prequels to a beloved classic ever made. It enhances A New Hope, while adding so many interesting new layers and telling a heart-breaking story. 

Maddy's rank: 5

The knowledge that all these characters will have to die before the end of the film provides a gripping and intense feeling, sustained throughout. Very good.

Kat's rank: 5

Some may not garner an attachment to characters with the knowledge of their inevitable demise. Yet, Rogue One creates such great characters it's hard not to love them.

#3 - Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope

Ollie's rank: 3

It would be rude not to laud the original. Without it, Star Wars would not be the franchise we all know and love today. Aside from that, the 1977 classic is a great film and succeeds in almost every front but, fundamentally, created a universe with lovable characters and excellent storylines.

Josh's rank: 2

Yes, the dialogue isn't great; no, they should never have tampered with it to the level that they did with the various re-issues. Despite this, this remains the best-plotted Star Wars film, and the introduction of one of film's most iconic and enduring universes. 

Oli's rank: 8

It’s the classic for a reason. This movie reminds everyone of the power of cinema, and masterfully world builds through dialogue and background details to create an iconic galaxy.

Maddy's rank: 3

Appeals to all audiences with a great storyline. Intense and exciting all the way through. Iconic start to the beloved saga.

Kat's rank: 3

Luke and Leia have great chemistry and Han Solo is iconic. It's held up even to this day with the excellent practical effects.

The editors remind Kat that Luke and Leia are sisters. Chemistry here is very, very strange.

#2 - Star Wars: Episode 8 - The Last Jedi

Ollie's rank: 2

A great film. Daring and innovative in its style with excellent character development and fantastic direction from Johnson. Sure, some of the sub plots suffer from minor pacing issues, but the rest of the film has such delirious charm that it's hard not to appreciate it.

Josh's rank: 5

I'm kind of in the minority here. In my opinion, it deserves precisely none of the smug, snarky hate it received from a whole lot of simplistic naysayers, but it's also not a masterpiece as some claim it to be - it has a few too many oversights and unnecessary moments for that. 

Oli's rank: 4

It’s fuelled by a strong directorial vision, and a richer, deeper analysis of Star Wars lore and that’s what makes it so special. It may be the most divisive Star Wars movie, but those who like it, adore it. 

Maddy's rank: 2

I really enjoyed Luke’s character twist becoming the teacher rather than the student; in my opinion, the most visually stunning film.

Kat's rank: 4

Reylo sexual tension and chemistry is great. The force connection was awesome and a great concept from Johnson and his team.

#1 - Star Wars: Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back

Ollie's rank: 1

Superior to its predecessor and a masterclass in how to make a sequel. Empire Strikes Back takes everything established in the original and propels it to new levels. Excellent character development and an iconic twist with, arguably, the most famous movie line of all time.

Josh's rank: 1

Sweeping, thrilling and emotionally charged, Empire is still an example of how to do the perfect sequel, and everything about it holds up to this day. The only Star Wars film you could comfortably call a masterpiece.

Oli's rank: 1

If there’s one thing Star Wars fans can agree on, it’s that this one is the best. This is Star Wars. It’s the textbook example of how to do a better sequel than the original, and it might be near impossible to ever beat. 

Maddy's rank: 1

Such a developed and exciting story, well-paced with compelling individual moments. Introduction of both Yoda and the Emperor are great, and the plot twist is a fantastic set-up for the final instalment in the trilogy.

Kat's rank: 2

Chewbacca is great and it's just filled with excellent scenes. Never a boring moment.

Have a great Star Wars day everyone!

Except Kat.

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